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100,000 Trees in Ladakh

"100,000 Trees in Ladakh"

is a part of Live to Love's One Million Trees Project, the most extensive plan to strengthen Himalayan environment ever taken in history.

In 2010, Live to Love broke a world record in tree planting in the harshest terrain in the world, Ladakh, India.

On 29 October 2012, we are attempting to break our own world record.

Planting trees in Ladakh:

  • Saves lives by preventing and slowing down mudslides and avalanches
  • Slows global climate change
  • Protects water quality by capturing rainfall, taking up water, acting as natural stormwater capture and retention device
  • Improves air quality for the world
  • Lowers summer temperatures
  • Serves as a wildlife habitat, and
  • Raises awareness of global climate change in the most fragile region on earth.

Coined the “Third Pole” of planet Earth, Ladakh is the largest store of glaciers and permafrost outside of the polar ice caps. Not only does it play a large role in the global ecosystem, it provides fresh water to nearly half of the world’s population. To preserve the natural environment in Ladakh, is to preserve one of the world’s most precious water sources.

Live to Love plans to host a tree planting event involving hundreds of thousands of friends, volunteers, partners, donors and media outlets to simultaneously plant trees. We hope that you will take part in his initiatives to create a sustainable world for future generations. Let's JOIN US by purchasing a tree, a cluster, a grove, a forest or donating any amount.


Options Of Sponsorship

You can sponsor the "100,000 Trees In Ladakh" through:

PayPal via Drukpa Publications (India)

Choose A Tree, or An Orchard
Name of Owner

Purchase A Tree or An Orchard of 25 Trees

US$20 buys one tree planted in your honor or the name of your choosing


For Corporates:

Corporates will be entitled to the the following:-

  • Corporate logo on sponsorship page on Live To Love's website and press release.
  • Product Placement during the tree planting event. Volunteers and planters can wear backpacks, hats, and sneakers and hold flags and banner with a company¡¯s logo.
  • Product giveaway during the tree planting event with community leaders around the world.
  • Publicity: Sponsors will be featured in all publicity materials (both the company name & logo will be included).
  • Photo opportunities: For executives from your company to have photos taken celebrity supporters at the event.
  • Signage at the tree planting event.

    *For query within India, please contact:

    Live to Love India - Arjun Pandey: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.