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Naropa 2016


Once every 12 years, in the Monkey year, half a million people from across the Himalayas gather in Ladakh, India, to celebrate Naropa’s life in one of the largest events of the decade. Likened to the “Kumbh Mela of Himalayas,” this month-long festival includes several rare cultural events that are believed to grant spiritual liberation upon sight. This year's program also includes the ceremonial unfurling of one of the greatest regional treasures – the largest silk embroidery of Buddha Amitabha that stretches several stories in height, a beloved devotional art piece, which is only, displayed to public audiences during the Naropa festivities.


Many believe that the Six Bone Ornaments are so blessed they are considered manifestations of deities. In Himalayan tradition, enlightened beings manifest in different forms. Besides manifesting as humans and deities, they can also manifest as inanimate objects, conferring blessing and enlightenment by sight, by hearing and by taste. The Six Bone Ornaments of Naropa grant blessings to those who see them, and the mere sight of these ornaments would confer blessing so great that the doors to the three lower realms – animal, hungry ghost and hell – be closed. It is believed that mere sight of the Ornament will alter the trajectory or your current life and will ensure an favorable rebirth.


Dedicate prayers for yourself, friends and family members by registering your name (one name)/with family here. Prayers will be dedicated in your name(s). The daily prayers will start on 15th September, one day prior to the Naropa Ceremony and conclude on 22nd September, where a grand dedication will be performed.

With each category, a different blessed item will be reserved for each registration.

Registration Categories
Name & Family