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Garsha, Heart Land of the Dakinis

Heart Land of the Dakinis
A Mirror into Lahaul
Sacred Time and Space

This newly published volume is based on the knowledge as preserved in the local tradition as well ancient texts in Sanskrit, Sharda and Tibetan (Bhoti) language, collected by the best Historians of Lahaul, Ladakh and the Western Himalayas, Lahulis, Tibetans and foreigners, including art historians, epigraphists, etc. A very well documented yet inspiring book designed pimarily for the pilgrims and local people, full of amazing stories and 150 colour photos, with 4 maps, 60 endnotes for academic discussions, more than 110 bibliographical references. With a foreword by His Holiness the Dalai Lama and a foreword by His Holiness the Gyalwang Drukpa. (click image to enlarge view)

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In the high Indian Himalayas of Himachal Pradesh, Lahaul is a major centre of pilgrimage renowned thoughout Northern India and Tibet. It has been a magnet for legendary Mahasiddhas, yogis and pilgrims for thousands of years and is still venerated by Buddhists and also by Hindus. In the folds of the impressive landscape, the most profound spiritual transmission is preserved. For the first time, a guide book introduces to the public the sacredness of the valley traditionally called Garsha, the Land of the Dakinis. This book also reveals little known stories based on local traditions and ancient scriptures.